Give up (renounce) British citizenship or nationality


You can either:

You can get help completing the online form if you do not feel confident using a computer or do not have access to one.

You cannot get immigration advice through this service.

Help completing the online form
Text: ‘VISA’ to 07537 416 944
Telephone: 03333 445 675
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

Apply by post

Fill in both parts of form RN and get the form countersigned by someone over 18 who knows you personally.

There are 2 parts to the form, the official copy and applicant copy. Make sure you put the same answers in both.

You can use the same form to give up more than one type of British nationality at the same time, unless one of them is British overseas territories citizenship. If so, you need to fill in 2 forms.

Where to send your application

Send your application form, fee and any supporting documents to:

Department 1
The Capital
New Hall Place
L3 9PP

The address is different if you’re in one of these locations:

  • Channel Islands or the Isle of Man - send your application to the Lieutenant Governor
  • British overseas territories - send your application to the Governor of the territory

Supporting documents

You’ll need to send your passport as evidence of your current citizenship status. If you do not have one, send your birth certificate or certificate of registration or naturalisation.

If you got your citizenship or status through descent from your parent or grandparent, you’ll need to send documents proving:

  • their citizenship or status
  • your relationship to them

Evidence of future status

You must send evidence showing either:

  • you have another citizenship or nationality, or will have one when you have made your declaration to give up your British status - for example a passport for the other country or an official statement from that country saying you’re a national
  • you’re about to become a citizen of another country - this should be an official letter from the country saying you’ll be granted citizenship there when you’ve renounced your British citizenship or status

Evidence of marriage for under 18s

Send your marriage certificate if you’re under 18 and have been married.


Read about the fees for citizenship applications.

How to pay

You can pay by cheque, credit card or debit card - include a payment slip when you apply.