1. Overview

You may be able to do one of the following if your immigration application has been refused:

  • appeal to the immigration and asylum tribunal
  • make a reconsideration request
  • ask for an administrative review (if you’re outside the UK)

Appeal to the immigration and asylum tribunal

You can appeal to the tribunal if you’ve been refused permission to stay in the UK and you’ve received a letter saying you have the right to appeal.

The tribunal can deal with a range of cases, eg decisions about:

  • asylum
  • leave to remain
  • deporting someone from the UK
  • entry clearance

You can get legal help or advice before you appeal.

You’ll usually have to pay a fee to appeal to the tribunal.

Your appeal will be heard by the tribunal and you’ll then receive the tribunal’s decision.

You can ask for permission to appeal against the decision if you lose your case.

Ask for the decision to be reviewed

You may be able to ask for the decision on your application to be reviewed if you’re in the UK - this is known as a ‘reconsideration request’. It isn’t a formal appeal.

If you applied outside the UK (points-based system)

You can ask for an administrative review if your application to work or study here under the points-based system was refused.

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