1. Overview

You may be able to appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) about a Home Office decision on your:

  • visa application
  • asylum application (also known as ‘protection’)
  • permission to stay in the UK (also known as ‘leave to remain’)
  • deportation from the UK
  • entry clearance to the UK

The tribunal is independent of government. A judge will listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision.

There are less formal alternatives to appealing to the tribunal - you may be able to ask the Home Office for a visa administrative review or make a reconsideration request.

Help you can get

You can get help and advice from a regulated immigration adviser.

You can also contact Citizens Advice.

Read the guide on representing yourself if you’re not going to have a legal representative.

You may be able to get asylum support (eg housing and money) while you’re waiting to find out if you’ll be given asylum.

Contact the tribunal if you have any questions about your appeal. The tribunal can’t give you legal advice.

First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) customer.service@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk
Telephone: 0300 133 1711
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