If there's a hearing

You’ll get a letter with details of where to go for your hearing.

You can check the daily courts lists on the day of your hearing to find out if anything has changed.

If you can’t attend yourself you can ask someone to represent you and ask witnesses to attend.

You may have to give evidence at the hearing and answer questions.

You may need to take part in a ‘pre-hearing’, where the tribunal will check that you’re ready for a full hearing.

The hearing will be attended by:

  • a judge or judges, sometimes with other tribunal members
  • your representative, if you have one
  • any witnesses called to give evidence
  • an interpreter, if you’ve asked for one

It can also be attended by:

  • a Home Office ‘presenting officer’
  • your sponsor, if you have one

If your appeal can’t be resolved at the hearing

If your appeal isn’t held on its scheduled day for any reason (for example there isn’t a judge available) it’ll be rescheduled for another day.

Your hearing may also be adjourned as ‘part heard’ if there isn’t enough time to finish it, or it can’t be resolved on the day. The tribunal will arrange another hearing with the same people present.