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You need a licence from the Home Office to grow hemp in the UK.

You must apply using the online application form on the Home Office Drugs Licensing website. You must register with the Home Office and submit the MD 29 application form electronically.

You must provide your contact details and:

  • field location numbers, names or grid references
  • hectarage details
  • farm map with a marked growing area
  • seed type, THC content and confirmation of whether this is a European Union approved seed

You must pay a fee with your application. New licences usually cost £580, with licence renewals costing £326.

You must also undergo a Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) check to be eligible for a licence.

Your application may be subject to a compliance visit, although this is rare. Generally applications are considered by assessing your electronic application only.


The Home Office may impose restrictions on where you plant the crop. They may also request that you screen your crop or locate your crop sensitively, eg not in the vicinity of schools or areas of public access.

You must inform the Home Office of any changes to your growing season or planting location. You must send full details of your changes and your application reference or licence number. Your licence will not need to be amended.

You should also tell your local police where you’ll be growing hemp.

You must hold the licence before you can begin to grow hemp.

Licences last for a growing season, and you must renew your licence before you can begin to grow for the next season.