Guidance and regulation

  1. Congenital heart disease: description in brief
  2. National service framework: coronary heart disease
  3. Cardiovascular disease data and analysis: guide for health professionals
  4. Cardiovascular disease prevention: action plan
  5. Using the NHS Health Check programme to prevent CVD
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News and communications

  1. Heart Age Test gives early warning of heart attack and stroke
  2. New approach to preventing heart attacks and strokes
  3. 1 in 10 men aged 50 have a heart age 10 years older than they are
  4. Heart Age Tool updated with new interventions and advice
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Research and statistics

  1. Cardiovascular disease profiles: May 2019 update
  2. Cardiovascular disease profiles: January 2019 update
  3. Cardiovascular disease profiles: December 2018 update
  4. Cardiovascular disease profiles: May 2018 update
  5. Cardiovascular disease profiles: February 2018 update
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Bradford’s Healthy Hearts: better management of CVD patients
  2. Tower Hamlets: managed practice networks to improve rates of cardiovascular disease
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