Rating Manual section 6 part 3: valuation of all property classes

Section 650: mechanised coal depots (coal concentration depots)

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1. Co-ordination arrangements

This is a Mineral Class. Co-ordination responsibilities are set out in Rating Manual: section 7 part 1- practice note 1 2000.

The R2000 Special Category Code 166 should be used. As a Mineral Class the appropriate suffix letter should be M.

2. Valuation guidance

Valuation guidance on this class is outlined in para 4 of this section.

Practice note: 1995 - mechanised coal depots

1. Co-ordination

Mechanised Coal Depots have been classified as Group C for the purposes of National Co-ordination. Regional co-ordination arrangements will therefore apply.

Special Category Code 184 should be adopted. The relevant suffix code will be computer generated automatically.

2. State of the market

The steady decline in demand for coal referred to in RM5:650 para 5 has continued. Following the comparison made therein, by the 1993 AVD coal had only 7% of the domestic heating market.

However, this fall in demand for coal does not necessarily imply an equivalent reduction in the use of mechanised coal depots. The comments in RM5:650 para 5 still apply.

3. Valuation

(a) Cost Guide References

Where RM5:650 refers to references in the VO Cost Guide, valuers should refer to the equivalent reference in the 1995 Rating Cost Guide (RCG) for updated costs and advice.

(b) Plant & Machinery

The relevant regulations for the purposes of the 1995 Rating Lists will be the Valuation for Rating (Plant & Machinery) Regulations 1994, which incorporate the recommendations of the Wood Committee.

These regulations are considered in detail in RM4:3 Practice Note 2, to which reference should be made for guidance as to the rateability of plant and machinery.

However in particular it should be noted that bunkers and hoppers will now be subject to the increased size exemption of 400 m3 so that many items rateable in the 1990 Lists may be exempt for 1995. Furthermore whilst weighbridges were named in the 1989 Regulations this item is deleted from Class 4 for 1995 although its setting may be rateable under Table 3.

Reference should also be made to RM4:3 Practice Note 2 as to elevators which are named in Class 3 of the 1994 Regulations.