Rating Manual section 6 part 3: valuation of all property classes

Section 850: public halls

This publication is intended for Valuation Officers. It may contain links to internal resources that are not available through this version.

1. Introduction

The description “public hall” has been used for a wide variety of property from village halls to concert halls.

The aim of this section is to assist in correctly identifying the various types of public halls and to advise where guidance on each may be found.

2. Description

Public halls fall into the following types:

a.Theatres, concert halls and opera houses

These properties tend to have a permanent box office and a programme of events open to the general public. They would also have an auditorium with permanent seating, particularly raked seats, and are used wholly or mainly as a venue for musical or theatrical performances.

Guidance on such properties can be found in RM 5: Section 1050.

b.Village halls, church halls, scout huts and community centres

These properties tend to have a management committee made up of user group representatives and elected members with income being from user groups (such as playgroups, senior citizen clubs, youth organisations) and from single events such as wedding receptions, horticultural shows and “one off” musical, theatrical or dancing activities.

Guidance on properties that fall into this type can be found in RM 5: Section 475.

c. Conference and exhibition centres

These properties vary from the multi-purpose halls used for trade exhibitions and “Arena Events” such as 5-a-side football to the larger complex with separate buildings for each type of event, eg. conference hall/theatre; exhibition hall; arena.

Guidance on properties falling into this type can be found in RM 5: Section 290.

Practice note 1: 2005: Public halls

1.0 Co-ordination Arrangements

For the purposes of the 2005 Reval the following arrangements apply:

R2005 Scat code (and suffix) Class Co -ordination responsibility
067(G) Community/Day Centres Group
225(S) Public Halls SRU

The dividing line between community/day centres, public halls, and concert halls is not always self-evident, however the Public Halls class should normally only include hereditaments used as Theatres/Concert Halls.

It is recommended that, where in local authority occupation, a community centre of superior specification adequate as a venue for professional entertainment or conferences and regularly (but not necessarily exclusively) so used, should be regarded as a public hall used as a theatre/concert hall and either passed over to the responsibility of the SRU or, valued following co-ordination/consultation with the SRU.

2 Cross reference

Valuers for this class may need to refer to the following sections, together with their relevant practice notes:

Rating manualo section 6 part 3 - section 1050 - Theatres and Concert Halls

RM v 5 s475 - Village Halls, Scout Huts etc & Community centres

3 Valuation

Hereditaments treated as being within this class will be used as theatres/concert halls and therefore should be valued on the rentals, receipts/expenditure or contractor’s basis in accordance with Rating Manual Section 6 Part 31050 - “Theatres and Concert Halls” together with relevant practice notes.

For hereditaments which are not adequate as a venue for professional entertainment or conferences or not regularly so used see RM v 5 s475 and relevant practice notes.