Rating Manual section 6 part 3: valuation of all property classes

Section 230: chemical works

This publication is intended for Valuation Officers. It may contain links to internal resources that are not available through this version.

1. Co-ordination

Chemical Works as a class are subject to co-ordination as outlined in the relevant Practice Note to this Section.

2. Description

The variety and difficulties of classification of chemical works are such that an all embracing instruction would be cumbersome and of very limited use.

Many types of chemical works can be identified totally or in part with other industrial hereditaments eg Oil Refineries (RM 5 Section 740).

Buildings may be of a type familiar elsewhere, however it should be born in mind that fire proofing, protection from radiation and corrosive materials and adaptions to deal with the hazardous nature of the processes being carried on, can be expensive to install and are likely to have a significant effect on value.

Plant and machinery in caustic, acid, cryogenic or hot service may be made of expensive alloys or have costly linings. Vacuum and pressure conditions are also mostly achieved at high cost and every effort should be made to obtain full details at the outset.

3. Safety

All chemical works are hazardous and some extremely so.

Officers attending chemical works should familiarise themselves with national VOA guidelines on health and safety including the video “Safety on Site”.

Safety rules and precautions prescribed by the occupier should be followed to the letter.