Rating Manual section 6 part 3: valuation of all property classes

Section 330: cricket centres

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1. Co-ordination

Cricket Centres are subject to National Co-ordination purposes as outlined in Practice Note 1 to this Section.

2. Description and background

Cricket Centres are a new variety of leisure hereditament which have emerged in the 1980s providing the facility for playing indoor cricket enabling the sport to be played at any hour of the day and in all weather.

Purpose built centres may arise in the future but so far they have been created by fitting out existing modern industrial or warehouse units to provide the necessary facilities.

Basic requirements are for units of at least 2000m2 floor area, with a minimum eaves height of 5m and parking for 50-60 cars. The basic size unit will accommodate 4 ‘courts’, changing rooms, showers, bar areas and administrative offices.

3. Survey Requirements

As the centres comprise fitted out industrial or warehouse units the standard of survey required will be commensurate with that adapted for such units with the need to identify rateable fixtures and fittings installed to provide the facilities of a Cricket Centre.

4. Valuation Method

Given the fact that many of the Cricket Centres established to date are adapted rented standard industrial or warehouse units, the basis of valuation will be the rental basis with adjustments. The level of assessment will be liable to variation from one location to another as they will follow the prevailing factory/warehouse rents.

In analysing rents appropriate adjustment will be necessary to reflect tenant’s fixtures and fittings which are rateable.