People connected with Ofsted-registered childcare

Guidance for childminder assistants, people living or working with a childminder, committee members and other people associated with Ofsted-registered childcare.

Even if you don’t provide childcare yourself, you may need to register with Ofsted if you live or work with a childminder, or if you become part of an organisation that looks after children.

This doesn’t mean that you are registering to look after children. We need to know about you to make sure that everyone who is legally responsible for the children’s care, and anyone over 16 who could come into contact with children, is suitable.

If Ofsted finds out that someone who should have registered with us has not done so, we will mark the childcare provider down at their next inspection and may also take further actions.

Living or working with a childminder

You’ll need to register with us if you’re 16 or over and you live or work in the home where the childminder will care for children. This includes if you:

  • are a household member – that is, you live with a current or prospective Ofsted-registered childminder
  • work regularly for a current or prospective Ofsted-registered childminder during childcare hours, for example as a cleaner
  • want to work as a childminder’s assistant

Household members and visitors

You need to register with us even if you only live there for some of the time. For example, if:

  • you’re studying at university but come back during the holidays
  • you stay with a childminder regularly (one or more nights a week)

This applies even if you live elsewhere most of the time or are not there during childcare hours.

However, we do not normally expect you to register with us if:

  • you are a regular visitor (for example, you are a relative or friend who comes round for lunch once a week)
  • you stay overnight with a childminder occasionally
  • you are doing building work or repairs in the childminder’s home

The childminder is responsible for you during this time.

This guidance also applies to those living or working with someone who is registered with Ofsted to provide childcare on domestic premises.

If you join an organisation that provides childcare

You may need to register with us if you become part of an Ofsted-registered organisation that provides childcare.

Type of organisation Who needs to register
Companies set up solely or mainly to provide childcare Everyone listed on Companies House as being legally responsible for the company
Charities set up solely or mainly to provide childcare Everyone listed on Charities Commission as being legally responsible (trustees)
Partnerships All partners
Committee-run childcare All new committee members

Register with Ofsted

You need to:

  1. Get a criminal records check, or DBS. Ofsted also recommends joining the DBS update service to keep your details up to date.
  2. Create an account on Ofsted Online using your full name.
  3. Log in to Ofsted Online and fill out an EY2 form (under Online Applications)

If you are already registered with us

You do not have to register with us again if both of the following apply:

  • you have done this already for a current position in another childcare setting
  • there are no concerns or changes that might affect your suitability

After you apply

Ofsted will carry out suitability checks. If we have any questions or issues we will send you an online message in Ofsted Online, so you may want to log in and check your messages regularly.

Contact Ofsted

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at:
Contact form
Telephone: 0300 123 1231

Published 6 September 2018