Performance and inspection of childcare providers

Early years information, inspection guidance, Ofsted registration fee, how to complain or object.

  1. Being inspected as a childminder or childcare provider

    Find out when you'll be inspected by Ofsted, how to prepare, how you'll be inspected and how you'll be graded

  2. Briefing note: how Ofsted regulates and inspects childcare

    Briefing note for magistrates and magistrates’ courts explaining the legal framework for Ofsted’s regulation and inspection of childcare.

  3. Changes to education inspection from September 2015

    Details of the changes to how Ofsted will inspect early years provision, schools and further education and skills from September 2015.

  4. Childcare inspections: providers judged inadequate or not meeting requirements

    What happens when Ofsted judges a childcare provider to be inadequate or not meeting registration requirements.

  5. Childcare protocols between Ofsted and other organisations

    How Ofsted will work with other organisations.

  6. Complain about an Ofsted inspection report

    You can complain about an Ofsted inspection report if you think there was a problem - the inspection process, how the inspection was conducted, the outcome of the inspection

  7. Complaint and compliance action summaries: guidance for inspectors

    Guidance for Ofsted inspectors writing outcome summaries for providers on the Early Years and/or Childcare Registers.

  8. Early years and childcare statistics

    Statistics from Ofsted for early years and childcare.

  9. Early years provision in schools: apply for disqualification waiver

    Form for applying to Ofsted for a decision to waive disqualification.

  10. Early years self evaluation form

    Early years providers can use this optional online form to help them improve. Inspectors use it to plan for inspections.

  11. Gathering additional evidence to secure an incomplete inspection: Ofsted-related protocol

    Arrangements for gathering further evidence where an inspection is incomplete.

  12. How to appeal: guidance for childcare providers

    How a prospective or registered childcare provider can appeal if Ofsted plans to take steps that will affect their registration.

  13. How to object: guidance for childcare providers

    How to object if Ofsted plans to take steps that will affect registration.

  14. Inspecting childminder agencies: framework

    Statutory basis for regulation of childminder agency provision.

  15. Inspecting early years providers: reporting requirements for inspectors

    Inspection report writing guidance for early years inspectors.

  16. Inspecting registered childcare providers: information for parents

    How Ofsted regulates childcare and what parents should do if they have concerns about their provider.

  17. Inspecting registered early years providers: guidance for inspectors

    Ofsted inspectors use this handbook when inspecting early years providers.

  18. Inspection of services on Childcare Register

    Guidance on how Ofsted inspects childcare services that are only on the Childcare Register.

  19. Ofsted inspections of children's centres

    Documents relating to Ofsted's inspection of children's centres.

  20. Ofsted regulation and inspection of childminder agencies

    Forms and guidance relating to Ofsted's regulation and inspection of childminder agencies.

  21. Ofsted's role in regulating childcare: poster for parents

    Childcare services can display this poster. It has information about our responsibilities and how parents can contact us.

  22. Register as a childminder agency in England

    You must register on the Ofsted Childcare Register and/or the Early Years Register to set up a childminder agency in England, includes how long it takes, fees and how to apply

  23. Regulating childcare in women's refuges: guidance for Ofsted

    Guidance to help Ofsted staff in their work. It complements the protocol with the Women’s Aid Federation.

  24. Regulation of services on Childcare Register: framework

    How Ofsted regulates applicants and childcare services that are only on the Childcare Register.