Land Registry network services

Use the portal or Business Gateway to submit applications and registrations.

Business customers can use Land Registry network services to get applications processed faster and more cheaply than by post.

How to get access

You need a portal ID to use Land Registry network services. If you don’t already have one, sign up to Business e-services.

Before getting access, you must also agree to the network access agreement, technical manual, network access rules 2008 and notice 13.

Available services

You can automatically register:

  • e-CON: registration of change of name by marriage/deed poll/registration or civil partnership
  • e-CST: statutory charge (applies to Legal Services Commission applications only)
  • e-DJP: remove the name of a deceased joint proprietor from the register

You can lodge:

  • e-AN1: enter an agreed notice
  • e-CCD: cancel a caution against dealing
  • e-CN1: cancel a notice (other than unilateral notice)
  • e-COA: change of address
  • e-CPD: change of property description
  • e-CSF: electronic charge in standard form
  • e-HR1: registration of a notice of home rights
  • e-HR4: cancel an existing HR notice
  • e-RX1: enter a restriction
  • e-RX3: cancel a restriction
  • e-RX4: withdraw a restriction
  • e-UN1: enter a unilateral notice
  • e-UN2: removal of a unilateral notice
  • e-UN4: cancellation of a unilateral notice
  • e-WCT: withdraw a caution

You can’t submit:

  • more than one registered title in the same application
  • an application in respect of part only of a registered title, unless provided for in the schedule
  • a title the registration of which is pending
  • a title the individual register of which is not held in electronic form
  • a title to a freehold estate in commonhold land
  • a title to a profit a prendre in gross
  • a title to a franchise
  • a title which has been registered with a qualified title