Broadband Delivery UK

Details of the plan to achieve a transformation in broadband in the UK by 2017.


Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, is delivering superfast broadband and better mobile connectivity to the nation.

The Government is investing over £1 billion in improving broadband and mobile infrastructure to:

  • provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK by 2016
  • provide basic broadband (2Mbps) for all by 2016
  • provide superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 2017
  • explore options to get near universal superfast broadband coverage across the UK by 2018
  • create 22 ‘SuperConnected Cities’ across the UK by 2015
  • improve mobile coverage in remote areas by 2016

BDUK has three programmes to achieve this:

Superfast Broadband Programme

The ambition is to provide superfast broadband (speeds of 24Mbps or more) for at least 95% of UK premises and universal access to basic broadband (speeds of at least 2Mbps).

Government funding is stimulating private sector investment in broadband to ensure that the benefits are available to all.

The programme is being delivered in three phases:

  • Phase 1 aims to provide superfast broadband to 90% of premises in the UK
  • Phase 2 will seek to further extend coverage to 95% of the UK
  • Phase 3 will test options to rollout superfast broadband beyond 95%.

More information on the government’s approach to delivering superfast broadband and state aid is explained on the State Aid Advice web pages.

You can check whether superfast broadband is available in your area using the postcode checker and find out more details about what is happening in your local area using our Google Map.

SuperConnected Cities Programme

The Government is investing up to £150 million to support UK cities to develop the digital infrastructure capability to remain internationally competitive and attractive for investors, business and visitors.

There are three components to the SuperConnected Cities Programme:

  • Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme
  • Wi-Fi projects
  • Innovative digital projects

Businesses can benefit from broadband connection vouchers available in the 22 ‘SuperConnected Cities’ across the UK.

Businesses can check eligibility and apply at the Connection Vouchers website.

Mobile Infrastructure Project

The Government is investing up to £150 million in mobile infrastructure to improve coverage for voice calls and text messages for the final 0.3-0.4% of UK premises that don’t currently have it.

Benefits of broadband and mobile

Improved connectivity is revolutionising our quality of life, from how we work and how our children learn, to how we spend our leisure time, how we do our weekly shop, and how we engage with public services. Find out more about how broadband can benefit you in our UK Broadband Impact Study.