Adding 18F labelled radiopharmaceuticals to a diagnostic ARSAC certificate

How to apply to add 18F labelled radiopharmaceuticals used in brain amyloid imaging to your diagnostic ARSAC certificate.

There are currently 2 licensed amyloid imaging radiopharmaceuticals available in the UK:

  • 18F-Florbetapir
  • 18F-Florbetaben

Additions applications

To add either of these radiopharmaceuticals to your diagnostic ARSAC certificate, you should submit an additions application and include the following information:

  • confirmation that you work in an institution with recognised dementia experts within a network memory clinic or equivalent
  • the specific intended clinical use
  • confirmation of your participation in or feedback from the relevant MDT and referring dementia experts
  • availability of adequate back-up services, such as second read from an established centre or network

Training requirements

You must also be able to demonstrate that you have met the following training requirements.


  • knowledge, experience and ARSAC certification for 18F-FDG imaging for differential diagnosis of dementia (9a21v)
  • fundamental aspects of PET/CT imaging
  • specific understanding of brain amyloid imaging in dementia, following attendance at a Reader Training programme or equivalent


  • practical experience / image interpretation
  • mentored review of 50 cases (including library cases)
  • previous research experience with brain amyloid imaging would be an advantage

Clinical audit

ARSAC encourages participation in clinical audit of the impact of brain amyloid imaging on patient management.

Published 1 December 2014