The British Embassy in Lima represents the British government and manages various strands of the relationship between the UK and Peru.

Our Services

Travel advice

Visit our travel advice for Peru for information, news and updates, to ensure you stay safe, avoid problems, and make informed decisions when living or travelling abroad.


How to renew or replace your British passport if you are outside the UK and information on getting replacement travel documents if your passport is lost or stolen.

Emergency travel documents

We may be able to provide an emergency travel document if you can’t get a new or replacement passport in time to travel. If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours, you should contact your nearest consulate (besides Lima, currently in Cusco, Arequipa, Trujillo and Iquitos) as soon as possible.

For all other applications, please check what you must bring with you and if your are in Lima, then make an appointment using the links below. Please call your nearest consulate for advice before making an appointment if:

  • you have never applied for a British passport before
  • you are applying on behalf of a child

An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country. Read what an emergency travel document does.

Book an appointment for an emergency travel document in Lima.

Notarial and documentary services

Where local notaries can provide services, the British consulate will not provide them. In many cases local notaries or lawyers can provide services more cheaply, quickly and conveniently.

Services we provide in Peru:

See our list of consular fees for the services listed above.

Administering and oath/affirmation

This service applies to customers who need to take an oath or affirmation in English in respect of the contents of a document they have already prepared.

The document must be signed before a consular officer after the oath or affirmation has been administered.

Please remember to bring your proof of ID (passport or ID card) and evidence of your local address (eg driving licence, utility bills or bank statement).

Signing a declaration of existence

We are no longer able to prepare or sign a declaration of existence also known as “proof of life” on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for pensioners living abroad who need to have their signature certified as a proof of life for pension services. Instead, British nationals should check DWP’s new guidance.

Witnessing a signature

We are able to witness your signature on a document presented by you. Please be sure not to sign the document before coming to see us, as you will be requested to sign in front of a Consular Officer.

Certified copies

We can certify copies of British passports and driving licences.

We cannot certify photocopies of foreign IDs and passports, marriage, birth and death certificates. These should be applied for through the General Register Office.

Civil partnership / Same sex marriage

Applicants will be asked to complete a Notice of Civil Partnership and take and oath or affirmation. The notice of Civil Partnership will be displayed in the embassy public area for 14 days. After that the embassy will be able to perform your Civil Partnership if you meet all the requirements. The Same Sex Marriage service is for same sex couples wishing to marry in Peru. We can perform a same sex ceremony between a British national and a partner of any nationality. Please note that same sex marriage is not recognised under Peruvian law.

Please see Getting Married Abroad for information about the process and requirements.

Book an appointment for same sex marriage in Peru.


This service applies to British nationals who need to make an affidavit in order to get married. The document must be signed before a Consular Officer after the affidavit has been administered.

The British Embassy cannot produce a document stating you are married. But please free to download this Informative Note Recognition or Validity of Marriage (PDF, 118KB, 1 page) .

Services not provided in Peru

Renunciation, naturalisation, registration as a British citizen

The British Embassy in Lima no longer handles applications for renunciation and naturalisation or registration as a British citizen. All applications are now handled by the UK Border Agency.

Change of name and/or surname in the UK

As of 4 November 2013, we no longer provide the “Informative Note: Change of name and/or surname in the UK”. The relevant authorities have been notified. Alternatively you can submit a Freedom of Information Request to HM Passport Office, asking for confirmation that you were the holder of your previous passport(s). Please visit HM Passport Office for further information and contact details. British consulates cannot answer any queries on this subject. Otherwise, you can download this document Change of name in the United Kingdom (PDF, 242KB, 2 pages) . We don’t accept Oaths for Name Changes either, including those needed for Immigration purposes. Please contact a local Notary Public for such service.

Birth and death registrations

From 14 January 2015, UK birth registrations and death registrations in Peru will transfer from the British Embassy in Lima to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK.

There are no changes to the entitlement to register a birth or death. The processing time will remain the same. However, you will now need to allow extra time for the documents to be sent to and from the UK. See birth registration and birth certified copies or death registration and death certified copies for more information.


Each service has an individual fee which is reflected in the Consular Fee Table. Payment is by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, or cash.

These fees are charged per person. So in the case of affidavits for marriage if you and your partner are both British, you will have to make two separate applications.

Booking an appointment

On the day of your appointment you must provide proof of identity with a photograph and signature (this can be your passport or ID).

To book an appointment please refer to this link.

Services provided by other authorities

Data protection

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office holds and uses data for purposes notified to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998. Such personal data may be disclosed to other UK government departments and public authorities.


This information is provided as a general guide and is based upon information provided to the embassy by the relevant local authorities and may be subject to change at any time with little or no notice. Accordingly the FCO and the British embassy will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information. British nationals wishing to obtain any further information must contact the relevant local authority.

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Anwar Choudhury

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Passport collection times: From Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 12:00

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