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  1. Become a magistrate: application form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  2. Apply for help with court and tribunal fees

    • MOJ and HMCTS
    • Form
  3. Compensation for victims of overseas terrorism: application forms

    • MOJ and CICA
    • Form
  4. Request your personal data from MOJ

    • MOJ
    • Form
  5. Claims Management Regulator - Conduct report form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  6. Cremation application form

  7. Court funds: request for deposit

  8. Cais am daliad niwed personol yn dilyn cyfnod o gamdriniaeth

  9. Cais am daliad niwed personol yn dilyn digwyddiad unigol

  10. Court funds: ask for payment for a part 36 offer

  11. Court funds: manage a protected beneficiary's fund

  12. Claims Management Regulation complaint form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  13. Assisted visits scheme claim form for relatives

    • MOJ
    • Form
  14. Claim form for secure training centre visits

    • MOJ
    • Form
  15. Train Ticket Request for Secure Training Centre Visits

    • MOJ
    • Form
  16. Apply to exhume human remains

    • MOJ
    • Form
  17. Court funds: regular payment request

  18. Court funds: payment schedule

  19. Court funds: ask for payment due to security holder

  20. Court funds: witness statement

  21. Court funds: declaration proving representation

  22. Court funds: request for deposit (compulsory purchase payment)

  23. Court funds: deposit request (rentcharges payment)

  24. Court funds: ask for an investment decision

  25. Court funds: authority to access account

  26. Court funds: ask for payment of funeral expenses

  27. Court funds: authority to pay gifts or donate to charity

  28. Court funds: deposit request (life assurance payment)

  29. Court funds: ask for payment of inheritance tax

  30. Court funds: payment request (professional deputies only)

  31. Court funds: notice of consent to pay out of money in court

  32. Court funds: payment request

  33. Court funds: request for deposit (Court of Protection)

  34. Court funds: change of name

  35. Court funds: sell or transfer securities

  36. Court funds: ask for payment due to creditor

  37. Court funds: declaration of nearest of kin

  38. Court funds: manage a child's fund (pre-investment hearing)

  39. Court funds: deposit securities into an account

  40. Court funds: deposit schedule