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  1. Ffurflen gwneud cais am amlosgiad

  2. Gwneud cais i amlosgi rhannau o'r corff

  3. Ffurflen gais ar gyfer amlosgi baban marw-anedig

  4. Tystysgrif feddygol amlosgi

  5. Cadarnhau manylion y dystysgrif feddygol amlosgi

  6. Tystysgrif y crwner

  7. Ardystio archwiliad anatomegol

  8. Ardystio marw-enedigaeth

  9. Ardystio rhyddhau rhannau o'r corff i'w amlosgi

  10. Ardystio achos marwolaeth yn dilyn archwiliad post-mortem

  11. Awdurdodi amlosgi rhannau o'r corff

  12. Awdurdodi amlosgi plentyn marw-anedig

  13. Authorise the cremation of body parts

  14. Authorise the cremation of a stillborn child

  15. Authorise the cremation of a dead person

  16. Certify cause of death following a post-mortem examination

  17. Certificate of coroner

  18. Certify the release of body parts for cremation

  19. Certify a stillbirth

  20. Application form for the cremation of a stillborn baby

  21. Apply to cremate body parts

  22. Confirm details of the cremation medical certificate

  23. Cremation medical certificate

  24. Cremation application form

  25. Certify an anatomical examination

  26. Become a magistrate: application form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  27. Apply for help with court and tribunal fees (Form EX160)

  28. Compensation for victims of overseas terrorism: application forms

    • MOJ and CICA
    • Form
  29. Request your personal data from MOJ

    • MOJ
    • Form
  30. Claims Management Regulator - Conduct report form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  31. Court funds: request for deposit

  32. Cais am daliad niwed personol yn dilyn cyfnod o gamdriniaeth

  33. Cais am daliad niwed personol yn dilyn digwyddiad unigol

  34. Court funds: ask for payment for a part 36 offer

  35. Court funds: manage a protected beneficiary's fund

  36. Claims Management Regulation complaint form

    • MOJ
    • Form
  37. Assisted visits scheme claim form for relatives

    • MOJ
    • Form
  38. Claim form for secure training centre visits

    • MOJ
    • Form
  39. Train Ticket Request for Secure Training Centre Visits

    • MOJ
    • Form
  40. Apply to exhume human remains

    • MOJ
    • Form