You don’t need a Visiting Order (VO) number to ask for a visit.

You need:

  • the prisoner number
  • the prisoner’s date of birth
  • the dates of birth for all visitors coming with you
  • to make sure the person you’re visiting has added you to their visitor list

Start now

Before you start

Your visit will be confirmed by email within 3 working days.

This service is for England and Wales only. You must contact individual prisons in Northern Ireland or Scotland to book a visit.

When you arrive for your visit

Your identity will be checked on arrival to make sure you’re on the visitor list.

When you can’t use this service

Contact the prison directly to arrange the following types of visits:

  • reception visits, eg the first visit to the prisoner within 72 hours of being admitted
  • legal visits, eg legal professionals discussing the prisoner’s case
  • special visits, eg visiting more than 1 prisoner at a time
  • double visits, eg visiting for 2 hours instead of 1
  • official prison visits if you don’t have the prisoner’s date of birth and prisoner’s number

Cancel a visit

Cancel a visit by following the link in your confirmation email or by calling the prison you want to visit.

Help using the service

Contact the prison you want to visit if you need help using the online service.