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  1. Register of training organisations

  2. SFA register: read me first instruction document

  3. Review of publicly funded digital skills qualifications

    • SFA and Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
    • Guidance
  4. Apprenticeship recruitment: employers and training organisations

  5. Apprenticeship standards in development

  6. ILR specification, validation rules and appendices 2016 to 2017

  7. SFA: current notices of concern

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  8. SFA funding claims

  9. Apprenticeship standard: electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer

  10. Apprenticeship standards ready for delivery

  11. Apprenticeship standard: gas engineering (ready for delivery)

  12. Apprenticeship standards: changes to the process for approvals

  13. Apprenticeship standard: public sector commercial professional (ready for delivery)

  14. SFA: communications update

    • SFA
    • Correspondence
  15. LRS service news

    • SFA
    • Correspondence
  16. Advanced learner loans facility: change request form

  17. LRS: schedule for uploading ILR/NPD achievement data

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  18. LRS: monthly headline report

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  19. Apprenticeship grant: training organisations fact sheet and employer agreement

  20. Apprenticeship grant: employer fact sheet

  21. SFA update: issue 294 (3 February 2016)

  22. ILR data: check that it meets standards and quality requirements

  23. FE data library: apprenticeships

  24. Register of apprentice assessment organisations

  25. Apprenticeship standard: bespoke tailor and cutter (ready for delivery)

  26. Skills Funding Agency: business update

    • SFA
    • Notice
  27. SFA financial assurance: funding assurance review programmes

  28. SFA: course directory

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  29. Advanced learner loans qualifications catalogue

  30. Qualifications: getting approval for funding and loans

  31. SFA: Inform

  32. Employer satisfaction survey: provider guidance

  33. Apprenticeship standard: passenger transport operations manager

  34. Apprenticeship standard: passenger transport onboard & station team member

  35. SFA funding rules 2016 to 2017: summary of changes

  36. SFA: funding rates and formula - 2016 to 2017 - summary of changes

  37. Skills Funding Agency: common funding rules

  38. Apprenticeships: common funding rules

  39. SFA: funding rates and formula - 2016 to 2017

  40. Apprenticeship standards funding rules