UK maritime power (JDP 0-10)

JDP 0-10 explains the importance of maritime power to our national interest for joint staffs, officials, allies, and partners in industry.



It outlines the enduring utility of maritime power and how the maritime environment is crucial to the rules based system within which the UK operates. It further explains the principles that underpin the way in which UK maritime forces operate to offer scalable and responsive options, without commitment, to our government in support of our national interests.

The doctrine:

  • defines maritime power
  • explains the attributes of maritime forces
  • explains the use of maritime power through the concept of sea control and the principles of maritime manoeuvre and maritime power projection
  • sets out the 3 main roles of UK maritime power: warfighting, maritime security and defence engagement;
  • explains the maritime contribution to joint action and the full spectrum approach.
Published 4 October 2017
Last updated 2 November 2017 + show all updates
  1. Added updated version of JDP 0-10, fifth edition.

  2. First published.