UK land power (JDP 0-20)

This doctrine explains the importance of land power in defence and security.


Joint Doctrine Publication 0-20: UK land power


UK land power captures a set of beliefs that underpin how land forces practice their profession.

This Joint Doctrine Publication outlines the enduring utility of land power, the manner in which the UK’s land forces continue to adapt in an increasingly unstable and complex strategic context, offering scalable and responsive options to our government in support of our national interests.

The doctrine:

  • defines land power
  • explains the attributes of land forces
  • sets out the 4 functions of UK land power: fight, engage, secure, support
  • explains the coherence between the army’s outcome focused integrated action, joint action and the full spectrum approach

UK land power has been written primarily for joint staffs, officials, allies and partners in industry, providing a concise explanation of how land forces perform their vital role in protecting our nation.

Published 16 June 2017