Veterans UK pensions forms

Use these forms when claiming pensions under AFPS 75 and AFPS 05.



AFPS Form 12

The delay of the announcement of this year’s pay award for members of the armed forces has caused Defence Business Services to undertake urgent additional work. As a result DBS have had to suspend most pension forecasts until 1 February 2019. However, exceptions will be made if your request falls into one of the following categories:

  • Medical discharge forecasts;
  • Litigation requests (to include courts martial);
  • CETV financial reviews (to include those that are considering divorce and transfer to other public sector pension schemes);
  • Widows forecast;
  • Death in Service forecasts;
  • Deferred forecasts for terminal illness cases.

DBS recognise the inconvenience this will cause to some members of the armed forces and kindly ask that you re-submit your application in February 2019. In the meantime, the pension calculator can provide a forecast of pension benefits that should be able to meet the needs of the majority of service personnel.

If you require more information and need to discuss further, please contact DBS using one of the routes below:

  • Telephone: JPA Enquiry Centre on 0800 085 3600 (+44 141 224 3600 if calling from abroad);
  • Email:
  • Write: Veterans UK, Pensions Division, Mail Point 480, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX

These forms should be used when claiming pensions under Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) 75 and AFPS 05.

Please visit Pensions for veterans for further information on the AFPS 75 and 05.

Please note when using:

  • the Overseas pensions payment mandate forms you must also complete ‘Form 1’
  • the ‘Allocation of pension (AFPS form 3)’: You can allocate up to 37.5% of your pension, so that after you die one or more nominated dependants can receive an income for life (certain conditions apply)
  • the ‘Added years application (AFPS form 5)’: Added years can be bought as whole or part years by making a regular contribution. Contributions are limited to 15% of pensionable earnings
  • the ‘Claim preserved pension (AFPS form 8)’: Preserved pensions are normally paid from pension benefit age (currently age 65), but are not paid automatically and have to be claimed
  • the ‘Inverse commutation application (AFPS form 9)’: Within 6 months of the pension coming into payment you can apply to exchange all or part of the lump sum for an increase in pension (certain conditions apply)

For help and information on your armed forces pension please ring the Veterans UK JPAC on telephone: 0800 085 3600

or write to:

Veterans UK JPAC Enquiry Centre
Mail Point 480
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Compensation forms have now been moved and are available on the Veterans UK compensation forms.

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