School to school (S2S) data transfer system: guides

How schools and local authorities access and use the S2S secure data transfer system.


School to school (S2S) guide for schools

School to school (S2S) guide for local authorities

S2S ULN service: user guide


Guidance on how to use the S2S secure data transfer system to send pupil data using the common transfer file to schools and local authorities.

The guides cover:

  • encrypting data
  • file formats and naming conventions
  • uploading and downloading files
  • pupil transfers
  • using the unique learner number link to access the learning records service
Published 10 December 2013
Last updated 26 July 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated guidance for schools and LAs to include information on using DfE sign-in to access S2S.

  2. Updated S2S ULN service guide with warnings about sending unsecured, personal information.

  3. Updated URLs, screenshots and acronyms in 'S2S: guide for schools' and 'S2S: guide for local authorities'.

  4. First published.