Data collection and censuses for schools

School censuses and school-level annual school censuses (SLASC), school capacity surveys, phonics screening checks, key stage 1 and 2 assessments data.


  1. Common transfer file: downloadable pupil transfer forms

    Forms for schools that are unable to transfer information electronically using school to school (S2S) and the common transfer file (CTF).

  2. National pupil database: application forms

    Application forms and security questionnaire for national pupil database, ILR and HESA data extract requests.

  3. National pupil database: agreement and declaration forms

    Documents for national pupil database, individualised learner record and Higher Education Statistics Agency data requests post DfE approval.

Guidance and regulation

  1. School to school service: how to transfer information
  2. Data protection: privacy notice model documents
  3. Data protection: toolkit for schools
  1. Key stage 1 assessments data collection: guide to submitting data

    • Detailed guide
    • Department for Education
  2. School census: guide to submitting data

    • Detailed guide
    • Department for Education
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News and communications

  1. National database of governors

    • Department for Education
    • News story
  2. Parents given power of veto on schools’ use of biometric information

    • Closed organisation: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Education
    • Press release
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  1. Secondary and primary school application and offers: 2018

    • Department for Education
    • Official statistics
  2. Common basic data set (CBDS): requests for change (RFC) 2018

    • Department for Education
    • Transparency
  3. School capacity: academic year 2016 to 2017

    • Department for Education and Education and Skills Funding Agency
    • Official statistics
  4. Education in inpatient mental health units

    • Department for Education
    • Research
  5. Longitudinal education outcomes study: how we use and share data

    • Department for Education
    • Transparency
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