Map mynegai: chwiliad swyddogol (CY10)

Manylion am y wybodaeth ar y map mynegai a chyngor ar sut i wneud cais am chwiliad swyddogol (cyfarwyddyd ymarfer 10).

Yn berthnasol i England and Gymru



Mae’r cyfarwyddyd hwn yn rhoi manylion am y wybodaeth ar y map mynegai a chyngor ar sut i wneud cais am chwiliad swyddogol. Mae wedi ei anelu at drawsgludwyr a’r cyhoedd.

Dim ond gwybodaeth ffeithiol a chyngor diduedd ynghylch ein gweithdrefnau rydym yn eu darparu. Darllenwch ragor am y cyngor rydym yn ei roi.


Gallwch ymuno â’n gweminarau di-dâl i gael cyngor ar ystod o bynciau cofrestru tir a sut i baratoi ceisiadau o safon.

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Cyhoeddwyd ar 13 October 2003
Diweddarwyd ddiwethaf ar 22 July 2022 + show all updates
  1. Edited section 5.3, under title additional fees - this has been amended to advise we will contact you if the fee payable will exceed £50.

  2. Section 2 updated to state that an index map search may also be made where land is already registered to check for other registrations affecting the land, such as registrations of mines and minerals.

  3. Following customer correspondence we have amended section 8 to set out the retention period for SIM application forms.

  4. A reminder has been added to the checklist in section 13 that the plan must show the precise extent of the property by suitable colouring/edging.

  5. Sections 11 and 12 have been amended to include a link to our contact form on GOV.UK.

  6. Section 7.1 has been added to give guidance on our requirements for spatial data.

  7. Section 4 has been amended to clarify that only business customers can apply electronically through Business e-services and Business Gateway.

  8. Section 9 has been amended as a result of a change to our email addresses.

  9. Section 8 has been amended to reflect that we will no longer send results by fax.

  10. Link to the advice we offer added.

  11. Section 9 has been amended to reflect current policy that Land Registry will issue textual results for official searches of the index map in most cases.

  12. Section 12 has been amended as a result of a change of address of our Citizen Centre.

  13. Welsh version added.

  14. Section 9 has been amended to describe when we will issue a plan with a search of the index map result.

  15. First published.

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