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Non-tech. summaries 2015: projects on animal diseases and welfare

Projects granted during 2015 that have a primary purpose of translational and applied research: animal diseases, disorders and animal welfare.



This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2015 with a primary purpose of translational and applied research: animal diseases, disorders and animal welfare.

The following projects were granted:

  • investigating cartilage disease and repair in sheep (cartilage, defect, repair, stem cell)
  • the behavioural and nutritional control disease (behaviour, disease, livestock, nutrition)
  • evaluation of avian myxoviruses and mammalian influenza virus infections (avian myxoviruses, mammalian Influenza disease)
  • studies of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PED virus, porcine diarrhoea)
  • provision of biological materials
  • improving understanding of lameness in sheep (footrot, sheep, persistence, environment)
  • producing antibodies for tests to diagnose animal diseases (antibodies, test(s), diagnosis, animal diseases)
  • gene therapy for canine diabetes (dog, diabetes, gene, therapy)
  • enteric pathogens of poultry (gut health; broilers)
  • assessing new livestock viruses in UK breeds (new virus livestock UK)
  • the faecal microbiome of obese and geriatric ponies (equine obesity, gastrointestinal microbiome, weight loss, equine nutrition)
  • parental effects on offspring health and fitness (maternal, parasites, disease, immunity)
  • is Schmallenberg virus still circulating in the south of England (sheep, schmallenberg , transmission)
  • genotype, health and fertility in dairy cows (phenotype, SNP, immunology, disease, milk)
  • immunobiology of fertility in mares (reproductive biology, pregnancy, placenta, immunosuppression)
  • feed conversion efficiency in cattle and sheep (feed efficiency; cattle; sheep; methane; animal behaviour)
  • development of a novel vaccine vector in cattle (cattle, vaccine delivery system)
  • detection and control of fluke in ruminants (fluke, diagnosis, vaccination, treatment, challenge)
  • rabbit vaccine development (rabbits, myxomatosis, haemorrhagic disease, vaccine)
  • unravelling the aetiology of contagious ovine digital dermatitis (sheep, lameness, contagious ovine digital dermatitis)
  • PPRV pathogenesis and immune response to PPR vaccines (sheep, goats, vaccines, disease, protection)
  • translation of bovine tuberculosis biomarkers to the point of care setting (bovine tuberculosis, diagnostic test)
  • refinement of anaesthetic protocols for research animals (anaesthesia, refinement)
  • smart tagging of fish to determine fish behaviour, biometrics, biomass and escapes using sonar (tagging, biomass, salmon, salmo salar, sonar)
  • quantification of pain associated with pneumonia in calves (pneumonia, pain, welfare, calf)
  • ruminant welfare studies (welfare, ruminant, stress, behaviour, pain)
  • novel acaricidal options for control of sheep scab disease (sheep scab mite disease acaricide)