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HS2 Phase Two exceptional hardship scheme: applications statistics

Statistics on applications received for the HS2 Phase Two exceptional hardship scheme


Phase two exceptional hardship scheme: panel guidance

In the interests of transparency the Department for Transport is making available the document issued to Exceptional Hardship scheme panel members as part of their training.

This ‘Panel Guidance’ document sets out the remit of the panel and the processes they must abide by, and is written with the Panel members only as the audience.

This is an internally produced document and it is not necessary for applicants to the scheme to read this document nor does the document supplement the Exceptional Hardship scheme policy or Guidance and Application form. Please see this document above for information only.

Exceptional hardship scheme statistics

To date 30 September 2016
Number of applications received 271
Number of applications which are re-applications 73
Number of applications withdrawn by applicants 21
Average time in weeks for a decision under the final panel (excluding waiting time for additional documentation requested by the Secretariat) 6.5
Number of applications accepted under the EHS 99
Number of applications rejected under the EHS 131
Number of applications pending a decision 20
Number of formal offers accepted by applicants 94
Number of purchases which have been completed 80
Total values of those properties where purchase completed £49,493,801

View the HS2 Phase Two exceptional hardship scheme to find out about the scheme including information on how to apply.