HM Land Registry: Local Land Charges Programme

We are working with local authorities to create a national local land charges service that will speed up searches and reduce their cost.



Local land charges searches are normally required in the property-buying process. Most local land charges are restrictions or prohibitions on the use of the property. The local land charges search will reveal whether a property is subject to a charge if that charge has been registered. The property will be subject to it regardless of whether it is registered or not. Other searches will need to be conducted to determine whether a property has an obligation on it.

Responsibility for the 326 registers held by English local authorities will be transferred to HM Land Registry under the Infrastructure Act 2015. This guidance includes information about our consultation on the draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017 and about local authorities’ preparation for the migration of their data.

Search for local land charges

Use our service Search for Local Land Charges to search for restrictions (local land charges) on land or property.

You can find out about Local Land Charges fees and details about the service in our local land charges guide.

Published 1 March 2018
Last updated 5 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added Accounting Officer Memorandum document
  2. Local Land Charges data transfer date for Blackpool Council - 20 November 2018 - added.
  3. Information about the new burdens added and partners list updated.
  4. Local Land Charges data transfer date for City of London Corporation - 8 October 2018 - added.
  5. Ten local authorities added to the list of local authorities that will transfer their local land charges data to HM Land Registry.
  6. Local Land Charges data transfer date for Liverpool City Council - 3 September 2018 - added.
  7. We have amended our information in the Local Land Charges Programme document to clarify what the new Local Land Charges service will provide.
  8. Links to our Local Land Charges practice guide (PG79) and to our Local Land Charges fees guide added.
  9. Transfer date for Warwick District Council - 11 July 2018 - added.
  10. We’ve added a list of the features of the new Local Land Charges (LLC) official search, named the local authorities who will be migrating their LLC data over to HM Land Registry over the summer and added a video which provides an overview of the new LLC service that HM Land Registry will be providing.
  11. First published.