Land registration – collection

Commercial services

Commercial services available from Land Registry.

We offer professionals, businesses and members of the public, definitive property and property ownership information in user-friendly formats. Our services help you manage your records, keep track of your markets and identify business opportunities.

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Database management

Bring your property address and ownership information up to date, ensure your data is accurate, append property ownership information to your records and be confident that the information has come from a trusted source.

  1. Verify your property data

    • Detailed guide
  2. Ownership change indicator

    • Detailed guide

Geographical info and plans solutions

View the position and location of registered titles through your Geographic Information System or a specially prepared paper plan.

  1. Illustrative Plans

    • Detailed guide
  2. Electronic Extent Data (polygons)

    • Detailed guide
  3. Manorial Plans and Title Analysis

    • Detailed guide

House price solutions

Access house price records for residential property sales in England and Wales.

  1. Price Paid Data: Standard reports

    • Detailed guide

Risk management

Reduce your liabilities and manage your data more efficiently with our Risk Management Service Solutions.

  1. Risk management services

    • Detailed guide

Property portfolio management

Consolidate, strengthen and update your property inventory to help you manage your stock more efficiently.

  1. Property Portfolio Consolidator

    • Detailed guide

Monitoring services

Receive alerts to monitor changes in ownership or extent information, enabling you to keep your records up to date.

  1. Monitoring services

    • Detailed guide

Terms and conditions

  1. Commercial services terms and conditions

    • Guidance