Local Land Charges Programme

Updated 19 July 2024

Applies to England and Wales

Every local authority in England and Wales, with the exception of county councils, is required to hold a local land charges register that records obligations affecting properties within their administrative area. Under the Infrastructure Act 2015 responsibility for the 331 registers was transferred to HM Land Registry in a phased approach. The first transfer was in summer 2018.

This was a historic step forward in the Government’s ambition to make the homebuying process simpler, faster and cheaper. It is also an important part of our Business Strategy to help improve the entire conveyancing process.

1. Our digital Local Land Charges service

HM Land Registry is working in partnership with local authorities in England and Wales to standardise and migrate local land charges register information to one accessible place.

Anyone can access our Local Land Charges service through our Search for local land charges service. Business customers can also access it through their portal accounts or Business Gateway. Each search result provides details of entries on the Local Land Charges Register relating to the land or property concerned.

Local authorities will continue to provide replies to CON29 enquiries, such as nearby road schemes or outstanding notices, which may affect a purchaser’s decision whether to proceed. Once a local authority’s local land charges data has been migrated to HM Land Registry, you will no longer be able to get local land charge search results from that local authority.

Using our service, you will have the option of downloading a personal search for free or an official search for £15. Alternatively, you can use a search provider who will access our Local Land Charges service for you.

1.1 Watch a video about creating a national Local Land Charges Register (1 minutes 4 seconds)

Creating a national Local Land Charges Register - YouTube

The benefits are:

  • search results provide the highest level of due diligence
  • the full spatial extent of every charge appears on the search result
  • standard £15 fee for each search, providing a reduction to the current national average price
  • consistent quality of data which provides clear and accurate search results
  • instant online search results with 24/7 access to the data, reducing delays in receiving searches
  • unlimited repeat searches for six months to check for any new charges before completing a transaction
  • search history dashboard giving you access to your previous searches at any time

Read about what the service offers.

2. Local authorities

To date we have transferred the following local authorities’ local land charges data to HM Land Registry’s digital service.

Local authority Transfer date
Babergh District Council 20 January 2022
Bassetlaw District Council 21 September 2023
Bedford Borough Council 18 March 2024
Blaby District Council 16 October 2023
Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council 28 October 2021
Blackpool Council 20 November 2018
Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council 23 January 2023
Boston Borough Council 8 January 2024
Bristol City Council 20 July 2023
Bromsgrove District Council 13 October 2021
Broxbourne Borough Council 1 August 2024
Broxtowe Borough Council 25 April 2024
Burnley Borough Council 27 April 2023
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council 14 July 2022
Caerphilly County Borough Council 11 July 2023
Carlisle City Council 21 April 2020
Chelmsford City Council 28 March 2023
Cheltenham Borough Council 1 September 2022
City and County of Swansea Council 27 April 2022
City of Lincoln Council 20 April 2022
City of London Corporation 8 October 2018
City of Wolverhampton Council 18 January 2023
Council of the Isles of Scilly 17 January 2019
Craven District Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
28 March 2023
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council 19 July 2021
East Cambridgeshire District Council 5 December 2022
East Devon District Council 4 January 2024
East Lindsey District Council 26 June 2020
Epping Forest District Council 25 April 2023
Fenland District Council 6 September 2022
Gedling Borough Council 27 March 2024
Halton Borough Council 16 March 2023
Hambleton District Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
28 October 2021
Harborough District Council 29 April 2022
Haringey Council 20 December 2021
Hastings Borough Council 19 March 2024
Harrogate Borough Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
28 March 2023
High Peak Borough Council 25 April 2023
Isle of Wight Council 27 April 2022
Kingston upon Hull City Council 24 April 2023
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council 12 October 2022
Lambeth Council 1 October 2019
Leeds City Council 8 January 2024
Liverpool City Council 3 September 2018
London Borough of Bexley 17 April 2024
London Borough of Enfield 15 August 2022
London Borough of Wandsworth 15 November 2022
Malvern Hills District Council 12 January 2023
Medway Council 12 July 2024
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council 26 July 2022
Mid Devon District Council 10 October 2023
Mid Suffolk District Council 20 January 2022
Mid Sussex District Council 21 March 2022
Milton Keynes Council 27 August 2020
Newark and Sherwood District Council 26 October 2021
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council 2 May 2022
North Hertfordshire District Council 22 January 2024
North Kesteven District Council 16 December 2021
North Lincolnshire Council 31 May 2024
North West Leicestershire District Council 27 July 2022
Norwich City Council 11 July 2019
Pembrokeshire County Council 3 April 2023
Pendle Borough Council 15 November 2021
Peterborough City Council 31 January 2020
Plymouth City Council 7 January 2022
Portsmouth City Council 28 April 2022
Redditch Borough Council 13 October 2021
Richmondshire District Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
27 October 2022
Rutland County Council 12 December 2022
Ryedale District Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
27 March 2023
Salford City Council 31 March 2023
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council 19 October 2023
Scarborough Borough Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
29 November 2021
Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council 16 January 2023
Selby District Council
(part of North Yorkshire Council from 1 April 2023)
14 March 2023
Sevenoaks District Council 28 April 2021
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 25 April 2022
South Gloucestershire Council 1 July 2024
South Norfolk District Council 22 June 2022
South Staffordshire Council 11 August 2022
Spelthorne Borough Council 23 April 2021
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council 26 January 2023
Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council 7 April 2021
Stratford-on-Avon District Council 10 May 2021
Sutton Council 7 January 2022
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council 18 October 2021
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council 25 April 2024
Torfaen County Borough Council 10 May 2023
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council 24 April 2023
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council 22 April 2024
Warwick District Council 11 July 2018
Watford Borough Council 6 February 2020
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council 26 May 2021
West Berkshire Council 25 April 2024
West Lindsey District Council 18 April 2023
West Oxfordshire District Council 13 April 2023
West Suffolk Council 21 July 2022
Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council 24 April 2024
Woking Borough Council 21 March 2024
Wyre Forest District Council 19 April 2024

When the transfer of data from an individual local authority to HM Land Registry is completed, local authorities will still be required to apply, vary and cancel charges in the register. They will also need to provide source documents on request and respond to additional enquiries from customers following HM Land Registry’s issue of a search result.

There will be more local authorities transferring their local land charges data to the Local Land Charges Register. We will keep this page updated with new additions.

3. Local land charges

Local land charges searches are normally required in the property-buying process. Most local land charges are restrictions or prohibitions on the use of the property. The local land charges search will reveal whether a property is subject to a charge if that charge has been registered. The property will be subject to it regardless of whether it is registered or not. Other searches will need to be conducted to determine whether a property has an obligation on it.

3.1 Common obligations protected as local land charges

The common obligations protected as local land charges include:

  • conditional planning permissions (these form the majority of charges)
  • listed buildings
  • conservation areas
  • tree preservation orders
  • improvement and renovation grants
  • smoke control zone conditions
  • light obstruction notice conditions

Local authorities maintain a local land charges register for their administrative area. They hold the records in a range of formats such as paper, microfiche and electronic. Prices vary considerably, leading to an inconsistent customer service that is dependent on a postcode.

A local land charge is created by either local authorities or other bodies with the powers to do so, known collectively as originating authorities.

3.2 Pre-migration guide

Local authorities must complete a number of tasks prior to the migration of their local land charges data.

Read the pre-migration guide.

3.3 Data preparation

HM Land Registry has developed a free tool to help local authorities prepare their local land charges data for migration to the central Local Land Charges Register.

The Data Analysis Dashboard tool is available to local authorities not currently in the migration process. It can analyse as much or as little electronic data as local authorities want to provide. This allows them to estimate the number and type of amendments they need to make. We can offer automated fixes for the most common changes needed, saving a lot of time.

By using the Data Analysis Dashboard tool local authorities will have a better idea about the time and resources needed for the migration process.

Email for more information and to request access to the Data Analysis Dashboard tool.

Using the Data Analysis Dashboard tool

Watch a video about how the Data Analysis Dashboard tool works (5 minutes 15 seconds).

Local land charges: How the Data Analysis Dashboard tool works

3.4 New burdens information

Our new burdens information sets out our approach to implementing the new burdens doctrine for the transfer of local land charges from local authorities to our digital local land charges register and in live service.

3.5 Public consultation

As implementation requires secondary legislation, we launched a public consultation on the draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017, which ran until 11 July 2016.

4. Local Land Charges (PG79)

Read our practice guide 79: local land charges for information on:

  • applications to register a local land charge or to vary or cancel the registration of a local land charge
  • applications for an official search or personal search of the local land charges register

4.1 Watch our Local Land Charges video guide (6 minutes 25 seconds)

If you work for a local authority or originating authority, find out how to add, update or cancel charges on the Local Land Charges Register.

Changing local land charges information on the LLC Register

5. Local Land Charges fees

The information in our guide Local Land Charges fees is a summary of the Local Land Charges Fees (England) Rules 2018 and Local Land Charges (Fees) (Wales) Rules 2021. The guide also refers to the Local Land Charges Rules 2018.

6. Our suppliers 

6.1 Migration services delivery suppliers 

Our migration services delivery suppliers are: 

6.2 Local land charges software suppliers 

These software suppliers are contracted to work with HM Land Registry: 

These software suppliers work directly with local authorities without HM Land Registry contracts:  

Find out more about local land charges software suppliers.

7. Support for local authorities

Visit the Local Land Charges Migration Hub for information on how local authorities can migrate their Local Land Charges service to HM Land Registry’s digital register.

8. Contact

For general local land charges enquiries use our general enquiries contact us form.  

For local land charges live service enquiries only use our live service contact us form.