Common land and greens: creating a new right of common (CA1)

Create a new right of common and record it in the register of common land.



This form is for someone who wants to create and register a new right of common. You can apply if you are the landowner or the person to whom the right of common was given.

A right of common can only be created by a deed. Part A of the form can be used for this purpose, but a deed created through other means is also valid. The right of common must be attached to a property, e.g. farmhouse. The right of common is only legally recognised when it has been recorded in the register.

The form has two parts:

  • part A allows a landowner to grant a right of common over his land.
  • part B is the application to record that right of common in the register of common land or of town or village greens.

This relates to section 6 of the Commons Act 2006.

Published 12 December 2014