Common land and greens: sharing a right of common (CA3)

Share a right of common in the register of common land or of town or village greens.


Sharing a right of common (CA3)


This form is to share a right of common when the land it is attached to (e.g. farmhouse) is divided into multiple lots (known as apportionment). The right of common will be divided proportionately between each lot. For example if a piece of land has a right to graze 100 sheep and the land is divided into 2 lots in a 70/30 split. The owner of lot one will be able to graze 70 sheep and the owner of the other lot will be able to graze 30.

The people who can apply are those who own any part of the land to which the right of common is attached.

This relates to section 8 of the Commons Act 2006.

Published 12 December 2014