Research and analysis

Civil Nuclear Research and Development Landscape in the UK: a review

Assesses current civil nuclear research and development capability within the UK, and whether it is sufficient to meet demand.


A Review of the Civil Nuclear R&D Landscape in the UK


This review was overseen by the Ad-Hoc Nuclear Research and Development (R&D) Advisory Board, established in March 2012 and chaired by Sir John Beddington. It looks at the complete civil nuclear R&D landscape in the UK, including:

  • government policies that give rise to research needs
  • existing funding sources that support R&D programmes
  • the capability of the research base in the UK to meet the government and private sector demands

This review:

  • describes existing R&D capability which is underpins short-term policy aspirations contained in the nuclear energy strategy
  • provides a baseline to plan for the future development of nuclear R&D capability in the UK that is required to underpin medium and long-term aspirations in the nuclear energy strategy
  • maps the institutions involved: R&D funders, customers and those who perform R&D in the UK, to inform decisions on which institutions to involve in the future
  • assesses current mechanisms for coordinating R&D strategy, funding and delivery in the UK to inform decisions about future ways of working
  • describes the extent of funding and follow the funding flows, both domestic and international, to UK R&D
  • assesses the extent and quality of national and international collaboration in nuclear R&D

See also the Nuclear Industrial Strategy.

Published 26 March 2013