Policy paper

Long-term Nuclear Energy Strategy

Explains government policy to help the UK nuclear sector increase its key role in UK electricity provision and the global economy to 2050.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Long-term Nuclear Energy Strategy


The government believes that nuclear energy has an important role to play to deliver our long term objective of a secure, low carbon, affordable, energy future. For nuclear energy to reach its full potential, we must meet significant challenges in the short term and for the longer term to 2050 and beyond.

This document

  • sets out the government’s vision for the future of nuclear energy in the UK, and our strategy to ensure nuclear has the best prospect of reaching its full potential
  • provides a clear framework to assess decisions and priorities for policy and research against in a coordinated manner, guiding the development of detailed plans and actions
  • explains the role of nuclear power in the UK electricity mix and the role of the UK nuclear sector in the global economy, identifying key priorities the government’s role in implementing its vision

See also the Nuclear Industrial Strategy.

Published 26 March 2013