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Women in the workplace

We want to help women to reach their potential in the workplace, and to help businesses get the full economic benefit of women’s skills.

Women’s Business Council

The Women’s Business Council advises the government and businesses on issues such as women returning to work and how to get more women into executive positions. It reported its findings to government in June 2013.

Women on Boards

We are encouraging companies to implement the results of the Women on Boards review, published by Lord Davies in February 2011.

The review recommended that UK listed companies in the FTSE 100 should have a minimum 25% female board member representation by 2015. It also recommended that FTSE 350 companies should set their own challenging targets.

Think, Act, Report

We have set up Think, Act, Report, a voluntary programme to improve gender equality in the workplace. It encourages organisations to share what they’re doing to promote gender equality around issues including recruitment, retention, promotion and pay.