About us

We provide civil and criminal legal aid and advice in England and Wales to help people deal with their legal problems.

Who we are

We have a team of around 1,450 staff and offices in towns and cities across England and Wales. Our head office is in London.

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for:

  • making sure legal aid services from solicitors, barristers and the not-for-profit sector are available to the general public
  • funding the Civil Legal Advice service
  • publishing statistical information on legal aid and the Director of Legal Aid Casework annual report, which states how the post-holder carries out independent decision-making duties each financial year
  • running the Public Defender Service to give a range of services within the criminal defence market

Our priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • improve legal aid casework, for example by speeding up payments and eligibility assessments
  • grow the capability of the Legal Aid Agency by investing in staff development and improving our working environment
  • work with our partners to deliver changes to legal aid, including informing policy development and increasing online working

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