Procurement at LAA

Current opportunities for the provision of legal aid contracts are listed on the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) tender for contracts page.

If you or your organisation is awarded a contract to provide publicly funded legal advice through the LAA, the terms under which you carry out the work will depend on how you provide the services and the type of legal aid you give.

With the exception of work carried out under the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme, (“HPCDS”) all Civil categories of work are now covered by the Standard Civil Contract 2018.

Work carried out under the HPCDS is carried out under the Standard Civil Contract 2013 (as amended).

This includes the provision of legal aid by telephone, online and other remote means.

Family, housing and debt, education and discrimination categories of work are governed by the Civil Legal Advice Contract 2018 and the 2018 Civil Legal Advice Discrimination Contract.

All cases that would fall under criminal law are governed by the Standard Crime Contract 2017, or through separate arrangements for Very High Cost Cases (VHCC).