About us

The Government Office for Science’s mission is to put excellent science advice at the heart of decision-making.

What we do

We advise the Prime Minister and Cabinet to help ensure we are putting excellent science advice at the heart of decision-making.

How we do it

  • Science advice mechanisms that are efficient, effective, speak truth to power and are embedded irreversibly in government systems.
  • Visible impact through both proactive and demand-led science advice that is relevant, excellent, and delivered fit for purpose.

Our priority areas of focus

  • Science for National Security & Resilience – We make sure that science advice underpins national security and resilience policy, strategy, planning and crisis response and that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is ready to stand up in the event of an emergency. 
  • A More Scientific Civil Service – We work across government to develop our people, infrastructure, systems and networks – including delivering the Government Science and Engineering Profession and Chief Scientific Adviser Networks. We also support wider government to deliver targeted and impactful investment in R&D and increase Departmental science capability. 
  • Science for Strategic Advantage – We use our expertise to ensure that government has the best technology insights to draw on when developing strategies and policies in areas such as the economy and National Security. We are also equipping departments with strong Foresight and Futures tools and supporting delivery of the Science & Technology Framework
  • Science for Current and Future Challenges – We ensure government has access to timely, high-quality advice on key future issues such as climate change mitigation and synthetic biology, and that this scientific evidence supports the government’s approach. This includes supporting the independent Council for Science and Technology.

Who we are

The Government Office for Science is operationally independent and works across all of Government. For administrative purposes we are part of the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

We are led by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) – Professor Dame Angela McLean.  

The Government Office for Science stands up the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies to provide science advice to COBR in a crisis. 

We support policymakers with evidence-based policymaking. For example:

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