Publication scheme

The publication scheme specifies the categories of information that the department and its agencies publish and explains how to get that information.

DfT publication scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) requires public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, the purpose of which is to:

  • specify the classes of information we have committed to publish
  • say how we will make that information available
  • say whether the information is available free of charge or on payment

Most of the information covered by our publication scheme will be made available on this website. If you need information in an alternative format, we will do all we reasonably can to help.

Our publication scheme follows the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme for public authorities. It covers the following executive agencies:

  • Active Travel England
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • Vehicle Certification Agency

About this publication scheme

This publication scheme is not a list of individual publications but rather a description of the classes or types of information that we are committed to publishing.

The scheme is not an exhaustive list of all the types of information that we publish. Our policy is to publish proactively as much information as we can where the information would have a wider public interest.

The scheme does not include information that we consider to be sensitive, such as certain types of commercial or personal information, or information about security matters or which comprises legal advice.

Most DfT publications, including priced publications, are available online. Where publications are not available online, details of how to obtain printed copies are provided.

Charges for information

Nearly all of our information can be accessed from this website free of charge. In some cases charges will apply, as explained in our charging policy.

Charging policy - is information free of charge or on payment?

The department publishes most information online, where it is available for you to view free of charge. If you do not have access to the internet, a printed copy of the web page(s) can be sent to you free of charge.

The following may incur a charge:

  • requests for multiple copies
  • request for the information in a different format
  • requests for archived documents that are no longer available on our website

Any charges made will be to cover the costs of photocopying, postage and packing. You will be told in advance of supplying the information if there will be a charge, and how much it will be.

You can request road safety material from our THINK! shop.

Increasingly, the department’s and agency’s datasets are being made available online free of charge.

A charge may arise where private sector users have used departmental data to provide value-added customised services. Where this applies the reason for the charge and the level of charges will be notified to you in advance.

Information generated by the department may be viewed, by appointment, free of charge at DfT’s Library or agency libraries. If you wish to make photocopies of the information a charge may be levied. This will be payable in advance.

This department is a Crown body and our information is subject to Crown copyright administered by The Stationery Office (TSO).

You can re-use or reproduce our content under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Information not already published

If you cannot find what you want through this scheme, or otherwise on our website, you may wish to make a request to us under the FOI Act or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR).

Feedback and complaints about the scheme

If you would like to provide feedback – good or bad – about the department’s publication scheme, or have a specific complaint, please contact the Information Rights and Records Unit.

Classes of information

Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, locations and contacts, constitutional and legal governance.

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

How we make decisions

Policy proposals and decisions. Decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, consultations.

Our policies and procedures

Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.

Lists and registers

Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the authority.

The services we offer

Advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases. A description of the services offered.

Charges which may be made for information published under this scheme

Charges may be made for information subject to a charging regime specified by Parliament. Charges may be made for actual disbursements incurred such as:

  • photocopying
  • postage and packaging
  • the costs directly incurred as a result of viewing information

If a charge is to be made, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided. Payment may be requested prior to provision of the information.

Written requests

Information held by a public authority that is not published under this scheme can be requested in writing, when its provision will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the FOI Act.

Where you can find other relevant information

The following are relevant to the Department for Transport’s activities but are not published by the department.

Acts of Parliament

Scope: Acts of Parliament, explanatory notes and DfT Bills are available online free of charge or can be purchased from The Stationary Office.

Timing: As available on the relevant websites listed above.

Costs: Subject to any charges levied by TSO.

Parliamentary Questions

Scope: Answers provided by DfT to parliamentary questions are available from the Hansard website:

Papers deposited in the House libraries, as part of an answer, and where available in electronic format, will be available from the House websites.

Timing: Copies of answers to parliamentary questions are available once they have appeared in the Hansard and are subject to the availability conditions of the Hansard website.

Costs: See Hansard and House websites for pricing.

Statutory Instruments

Scope: DfT Statutory Instruments’ from 1987 are available online:

Timing: As available on the UK legislation website.

Costs: Free of charge.

General enquiries regarding DfT publications

Access to free publications

Current publicity leaflets or booklets issued by the department and its agencies are available free of charge. To request a publication, send an email to with the following information:

  • name
  • job title
  • email address
  • organisation/company
  • postal address
  • the publication details - title, product code / ISBN, number of copies required

A maximum quantity restriction may apply. You will be notified if there is a problem with your order.

The Department for Transport is the data controller for any personal data you provide. We have contracted The APS Group to handle requests for our publications, so they will use your personal data for that purpose only. Your data will not be shared further and The APS Group will securely delete your personal data after they have completed your request. Visit our privacy policy for further information about how we handle you data and how to complain.

Access to priced publications

Order priced publications through our stockists:

TSO bookshop

PO Box 29
Norwich, NR3 1GN
Phone: 0870 600 5522
Fax: 0870 600 5533
Textphone: 0870 240 3701

Dandy booksellers

Unit 3-4,
31-33 Priory Park Road
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Phone: 020 7624 2993
Fax: 020 7624 5049

Alternatively, order books through any good bookseller.