Freedom of Information statistics

The Cabinet Office has responsibility for Freedom of Information policy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and publishes information on the handling of requests.


We previously identified a small error in earlier published bulletins: FOI requests that were ‘On hold or lapsed’ at the time of monitoring were also being counted as ‘Still being processed’ in error, affecting approximately 30 requests each quarter.

Affected results are the ‘Still being processed’ and ‘Response not yet provided’ columns in Tables 1 & 5 of the 2017 Q1 and Q2 bulletins, and Tables 2, 6 and 7 of the 2016 Annual bulletin, as well as the columns headed ‘Requests still being processed’ and ‘Initial Outcome Response not yet provided’ in the csv data files from Q4 2015 to Q2 2017.

This was corrected in the Q3 2017 bulletin and tables, and we will be correcting previous versions very shortly. All previous versions of the data will be available on a ‘previous versions’ page once updated. We apologise for any inconvenience.

National statistics

Freedom of Information statistics are designated National Statistics in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. National Statistics status means that official statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality, and public value.

All official statistics should comply with all aspects of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. They are awarded National Statistics status following an assessment the UK Statistics Authority’s regulatory arm. The Authority considers whether the statistics meet the highest standards of Code compliance, including the value they add to public decisions and debate.

FOI statistics were assessed by the Authority during 2016, with continuing designation granted in June 2017.

Further information on the production of these statistics can be found on our FOI statistics supporting documents page, and the Cabinet Office standards and policies page.

Previous editions of FOI statistics

For all previous editions of FOI statistics please visit our online archive.

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