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Work on ILR potential data issues completed

SFA work with the sector on Individualised Learner Record (ILR) potential data issues has been completed – ensuring public funds are being maximised.


At the end of last year, as a result of our final data returns analysis we wrote to 699 college and training organisations where the SFA had identified potential issues in their ILR data.

Over the last couple of months, we have received responses from those who received a letter and have resolved the identified issues with the majority (601) of college and training organisations. We have written to these to notify them that no further action is needed and to thank them for their cooperation.

We are working with the smaller number of college and training organisations (98) where data errors have been identified and have not been resolved to advise of the next steps. This includes college and training organisations having the opportunity to provide further information.

Where errors cannot be rectified we will seek to reclaim funds. We will agree a suitable repayment schedule with individual college and training organisations. We estimate the total amount of funds to be reclaimed is £500,000, subject to final contractual discussions with these college and training organisations.

We would like to thank the sector for working with us to ensure that ILR data submitted is accurate. This is important to ensure that any funds incorrectly claimed in error can be recycled back into the system, under our performance management processes, to ensure all public funds are maximised.

We continue to work with the sector to seek feedback on our funding rules, to ensure they are as clear as possible so that colleges and training organisations have a full understanding of our rules which are a contractual requirement.

This work has also highlighted the need for simplifying the system further and we will be working with the sector to do this.

Published 25 February 2015