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Senior Traffic Commissioner issues a Statutory Document in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Document recognises the challenges that the Heavy Goods and Public Service Vehicle industries will face in the coming months and seeks to support it through flexible working practices and a proportionate approach.

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The Senior Traffic Commissioner has today (17 March 2020) issued a Statutory Document setting out the approach that traffic commissioners will adopt in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Great Britain.

The document provides guidance for and advice on:

  • operators who temporarily cannot meet the required financial standing levels
  • operators when a transport manager is unable to attend work
  • the period of grace process if the requirements to hold an operator’s licence cannot be met
  • operators who are unable to access their operating centres
  • the approach to be taken when considering the financial evidence of an operator applying for interim authorisation
  • how the traffic commissioners may approach applications for temporary exemptions to the requirement to hold an operator’s licence
  • the approach to be adopted for short notice requests around changes to local bus services and reducing the administrative burden on operators
  • hearings attendance and the postponement of hearings

Please read our advice for operators which is updated regularly as the situation develops.

You are also advised to sign up to our news alert service where further advice will be issued to operators and regular updates will be available as the position changes.

Published 17 March 2020