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[WITHDRAWN] Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for heavy goods (HGV) and public service vehicle (PSV) operators

Advice issued to assist the transport industry during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

This publication was withdrawn on

This guidance has now expired as there are no coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in the UK.



Withdrawn guidance following consultation.

To recognise that the goods and passenger carrying industries may face significant challenges in the coming months, The Senior Traffic Commissioner has issued temporary guidance to the traffic commissioners on the way they carry out their regulatory duties during this period.

The attached document contains additional advice that will change as the situation develops.

You are advised to regularly check this page to ensure you have the most recent information available to you.

Updates to this page

Published 18 March 2020
Last updated 14 March 2023 + show all updates
  1. Guidance updated to indicate withdrawal following consultation

  2. Updated advice due to change in COVID measures.

  3. Temporary process extended up to and including registrations received by 18 March 2022 for England and Wales Reversion date extended to 1 January 2023 for England and Wales

  4. Minor amendments to clarify the dates where local bus services should revert to their pre-pandemic registrations as set out in question 11 and annexes B,C and D.

  5. Updates regarding bus registrations and vehicle maintenance

  6. Changed 'Details'

  7. Updated advice including: Services operating under a temporary variation can continue doing so until 31 March 2022 (previously 31 December 2021) No new temporary variations using the shortened process can be accepted in England and Wales from 1 January 2022 (Scotland 1 February 2022) Operators of coach services that are registered as local services are encouraged to work with local authorities on agreeing changes, and submit changes to the TCs using short notice provision

  8. Updated dates and timings of COVID measures

  9. Updated for changes in temporary variations.

  10. Updates on Period of Grace, bus service registration.

  11. Updates regarding bus registrations, vehicle maintenance and public inquiries.

  12. Adding HTML version of advice note and ODT annex for accessibility purposes.

  13. Updates regarding local bus service registrations, maintenance and recognition of the extended furlough scheme.

  14. Advice note updated to include information for operators on the importance of drivers being properly qualified in certain circumstances for the carriage of school children.

  15. Advice document update.

  16. Advice note updated.

  17. Advice document updated to include changes to the temporary process for bus registrations in Scotland.

  18. Advice note updated.

  19. Document updated to include futher information around virtual training providers.

  20. Advice document updated.

  21. Document updated with adivce for when a transport manaer is furloughed.

  22. Document updated with regards to: vehicles returned to sevice. TMs working from home. Online training. Temporary exemptions application form. Temporary process for local bus service registrations.

  23. Document updated to reflect Local Authority notice period for bus registrations.

  24. Maintenance questions updated in advice document.

  25. Advice note updated.

  26. First published.

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