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@MODPolice Twitter launch

The official Ministry of Defence Police Twitter account launched today (Monday 3 July 2017).

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams (Photo: Paul Kemp. All rights reserved)

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams (Photo: Paul Kemp. All rights reserved)

The new MDP Twitter account can be found on the handle @MODPolice.

This will supplement our existing Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) pages on the GOV.UK website, our recruitment website and our Facebook page.

Speaking on the launch, MDP Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams said:

Our Twitter account will provide us with a primary communication tool in order to raise public awareness of the MDP and enhance their understanding of what we do and the specialist policing services and capabilities that we provide.

It will also support us in connecting with the defence communities, stakeholders and customers that we serve by furnishing us with a news feed for regular messaging on continuous vigilance and success stories.

In the event of an operational incident Twitter will also present the means for us to communicate quickly and effectively with stakeholders, customers, staff, the public and the media.

Twitter will be used to support and promote MDP policing operations and wider force initiatives, including the ongoing roll-out of Project Servator.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul McLaughlin comments:

The launch of the MDP Twitter account marks a progressive step in enhancing the digital footprint of the force. Twitter will play an essential and vital role in supporting Project Servator.

Published 3 July 2017