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Civil news: improvements to electronic CW3 immigration forms

Enhancements have been made to application forms in response to provider feedback.


Changes have been made to the following electronic versions of the CW3 form in response to feedback from providers:

  • CW3B Imm: Application for extension of Upper Costs Limit (electronic version)
  • CW3C Imm: Graduated Fee Scheme – application for extension of Disbursement Limit (electronic version)

The improvements include:

  1. more Excel formulas to auto calculate totals
  2. additional dropdown menu options
  3. removal of requirement for details of work done to date

Process and benefits

There have been no changes to the process for submitting electronic forms, which have the following benefits compared to the Word versions:

  • saves time because totals are validated as you complete the form
  • electronic signatures accepted so no need to print off, sign and scan before emailing
  • forms can be completed online, submitted directly by email and saved on to your system
  • documents can still be attached to support applications e.g. ledger/running record of costs
  • caseworkers able to process forms more efficiently so decisions made faster

Helpful hints

  • when opening form click the ‘enable content’ button at the top of screen above column ‘E’
  • section 2 of CW3B form does not need to be completed if you can attach a running record of costs confirming work carried out to date
  • remember that all CW3 applications must go to this mailbox:

Support and advice

If you need help using these forms then support is available from the Mental Health Unit and Escape Cases Team.

Electronic CW3 forms will eventually be mandatory to use and the option to scan and email Word versions instead will be removed. So, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the electronic versions.

Further information

CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases – to download electronic versions of CW3B (Imm)

CW3C: disbursement limit extension– to download electronic version of CW3C

Escape cases electronic handbook – for detailed guidance on the CW3 process – to submit your application or ask for help and advice

Published 14 February 2017