HM Land Registry

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  1. Form A restriction: application to enter (SEV)

  2. Enter a restriction: registration (RX1)

  3. Statutory charge: noting the overriding priority (SC)

  4. Withdraw a restriction: registration (RX4)

  5. Order to disapply or modify restriction: registration (RX2)

  6. Cancel a restriction: registration (RX3)

  7. Restriction by company request: registration (RQ(Co))

  8. Restriction by owner not living at property request: registration (RQ)

  9. Documents for proceedings request: registration (PRD1)

  10. Proprietors' names: search of the index (PN1)

  11. Personal inspection: registration (PIC)

  12. Official search without priority (OS3)

  13. Official copies of register or plan: registration (OC1)

  14. Official copies of documents: registration (OC2)

  15. Official search with priority: whole title (OS1)

  16. Official search with priority: part of the title (OS2)

  17. Respond to an adverse possession (NAP)

  18. Land Charges official search: application (K15)

  19. Land Charges register: certificate of cancellation (K20)

  20. Bankruptcy official search: application (K16)

  21. Land Charges register: office copy of entry (K19)

  22. Class F Land Charge: cancellation (K13)

  23. Land charges register: cancel entry (K11(ADJ))

  24. Cancel an entry under special directions of The Registrar (K12)

  25. Register entry rectification: application (K9)

  26. Land charges register (except Class F and debtor's bankruptcy application): cancel entry (K11)

  27. Class F Land charge registration renewal: application (K8)

  28. Renewal of a registration: application (K7)

  29. Priority Notice registration: application (K6)

  30. Writ or Order registration: application (K4)

  31. Pending Action registration: application (K3)

  32. Class F Land charge registration: application (K2)

  33. Land charge registration: application (K1)

  34. Notice of home rights renewal: registration (HR2)

  35. Search of home rights by lenders (HR3)

  36. Jointly owned property trust: registration (JO)

  37. Cancel home rights: registration (HR4)

  38. Notice of home rights: registration (HR1)

  39. Remove exemption of document: registration (EX3)

  40. Historical register/title plan: registration (HC1)