Adverse possession of registered land (PG4)

Guidance about adverse possession of registered land. Aimed at conveyancers (practice guide 4).



This guide tells you about applications for adverse possession of registered land, the procedures for making these applications and the options available to anyone served with notice of such an application.

If you want information on adverse possession of unregistered land, or registered land where the squatter acquired the right to be registered as proprietor before 13 October 2003, see practice guide 5: adverse possession of (1) unregistered land and (2) registered land where a right to be registered was acquired before 13 October 2003.

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Published 13 October 2003
Last updated 22 July 2019 + show all updates
  1. The requirement of rule 213 of the Land Registration Rules 2003 for a plan identifying part of the land in a registered title to be signed has been added to section 4.

  2. Section 2 has been amended to explain why there cannot be a Schedule 6 application relating to land held by a dissolved overseas company.

  3. Section 11.1 has been amended to deal with the position where rent is paid to someone other than the landlord.

  4. Section 4 has been amended to confirm that an applicant can rely on more than one condition when making their application.

  5. Section 4 has been amended to confirm Land Registry’s practice where an application includes land which is highway.

  6. Section 11.1 has been amended as this mistakenly referred to Schedule 1, paragraph 6 of the Limitation Act 1980.

  7. Link to the advice we offer added.

  8. This edition of the guide replaces the 30 June 2014 edition. Section 11.2 has been amended to provide further information on encroachment by a tenant.

  9. Added translation