Workload reduction toolkit

Practical advice and tools for school leaders and teachers to help review and reduce workload.

These materials have been produced by school leaders, teachers, education technology advisers and teacher training providers in conjunction with the Department for Education, and have been tested with a range of schools across England.

How to use the toolkit

The toolkit has 3 stages and is designed so you can work through each stage (although the tools can be used as standalone materials as well). This short guide explains how you can use the toolkit.

  1. Reducing workload in your school

Stage 1 - Identifying the workload issues in your school(s)

Advice and tools to help school leaders and staff use this toolkit and identify areas of excessive workload that need to be dealt with.

Stage 2 - Addressing the workload issues in your school(s)

Workshops, tools and resources to help school leaders, teachers and staff deal with workload issues.

Stage 3 - Evaluating the impact

Advice and tools to help schools review their progress and measure the impact.

Workload reduction case studies from schools

Published 21 July 2018