Addressing workload in initial teacher education (ITE)

Principles, considerations and examples of practical support to help ITE providers reduce the workload faced by trainee teachers and their school partners.


Addressing teacher workload in initial teacher education (ITE)


This information is for initial teacher education (ITE) providers.

It contains practical examples to help you reduce the workload of trainee teachers and their partnership schools, covering:

  • principles for ITE providers to help reduce workload
  • ensuring the content of ITE courses helps reduce workload
  • addressing the workload of trainees on professional placements and their schools
  • supporting the wider partnership to reduce workload
  • supporting trainees’ mental health and wellbeing

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The department would like to thank Michael Green from the University of Greenwich for his work to develop this advice, and the schools and initial teacher education providers who have contributed to its development.

Published 5 November 2018