UK Export Finance quick links

Find the information relevant to your circumstances

Please note that commercial banks and insurers will be your first source of support. If you can’t get what you need from the private market, UK Export Finance may be able to help.

I am worried about getting paid for my exports

I know what product I am interested in and want a detailed guide or to access documentation

I don’t know what product is relevant to me so want to talk to an Export Finance Adviser

I am confused about the range of support for exporters available from the government

I am arranging a larger export, and a UKEF-guaranteed bank loan to the buyer or its bank could make the payment terms more competitive

I want to ask how much UKEF support will cost (you will need to speak to customer service)

I want to contact a private sector insurance broker

I want to know about the process and factors that are applied when UKEF considers applications (including in relation to environmental, social and human rights impacts)

None of the above? Please search our announcements or search our publications or get in touch.

New business enquiries

Published 25 October 2013