Transport Statistics Great Britain

Statistical trends on the British transport sector.

Transport Statistics Great Britain

Transport Statistics Great Britain (TSGB) is the department’s main statistical compendium publication. It describes the major statistical trends in the British transport sector, and is normally published in December each year.

For much of the contents of TSGB, topic-specific DfT statistical publications during the year provide the first release of data, which is consolidated into TSGB at a later date. The online versions of TSGB tables are updated throughout the year as new data becomes available. However, each online edition of TSGB includes a ZIP archive file containing ‘snapshots’ of all tables taken at the point of TSGB’s release. This ZIP file is not updated and its contents will therefore be consistent with any hard-copy editions of TSGB that are produced.

Previous editions of Transport Statistics Great Britain are available, and we provide further information for all chapters.

  1. Transport Statistics Great Britain: 2018

Transport Statistics Great Britain: data tables

  1. Modal comparisons (TSGB01)
  2. Aviation (TSGB02)
  3. Energy and environment (TSGB03)
  4. Freight (TSGB04)
  5. Maritime (TSGB05)
  6. Public transport (TSGB06)
  7. Roads and traffic (TSGB07)
  8. Transport accidents and casualties (TSGB08)
  9. Vehicles (TSGB09)
  10. Olympics (TSGB10)
  11. Walking and cycling (TSGB11)
  12. Transport and disability (TSGB12)
  13. Transport expenditure (TSGB13)

About the Transport Statistics Great Britain data and reports

Transport Statistics Great Britain was assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in July 2010.

Transport Statistics Great Britain does not have a pre-release access list as it is comprised of data already published and in the public domain.

Published 13 December 2012
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